Grow Your Private Practice With Proven Online Marketing Strategies

Historically and still today, the words “marketing” and “therapist” are often not the best of friends. Consequently, many practitioners’ businesses are failing to deliver the impact they’d hoped for, both in terms of regular client numbers and ultimately revenue generated.

And yet, demand for therapy services across the psychotherapeutics and complementary & alternative medicine (CAM) sectors has never been higher!


The question is, then, why are you and so many other therapists struggling to create a successful and thriving private practice during this time of peak interest?

  Struggling to grow private practice  

From our experience, we’ve found this to be the answer…


Whether you’re a therapist specialising in;

  • Psychotherapy
  • Counselling
  • Reflexology
  • Naturopathy
  • Chiropractic
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Acupuncture

 or other type of treatment, you’re likely suffering from at least 1 of the following main business challenges;

  • Struggling to attract a steady flow of new clients
  • Fear of increasing your rates and scaring off potential customers
  • Suffering from the “I’m just not a good business person” belief system

 And this comes as no surprise, because if you’re like most therapists, no-one ever told you that when you set up your private practice you’re not just becoming a therapist, you’re also becoming a therapy salesperson.


As you stepped into business, you actually stepped into two different businesses – one of provision and one of promotion, and both require two totally different skillsets!


So if you didn’t realise this, it’s no wonder you’ve found yourself in the same frustrating boat as many other therapists, where you’re likely running a private practice that just isn’t growing, or worse, is shrinking.


Your business troubles weren’t expected because you simply weren’t told about them or shown how to prepare for them!




Another massive challenge with the therapy industry (and much more than many other industries), is that you really are the business – virtually 100% of it!


Which means you always tend to be working in your private practice as opposed to on it.


In other words, nearly all your time is spent delivering treatments and sessions, whilst hardly any is dedicated to nurturing and growing the business.


Out of balance


And in the event you do recognise your need to learn and apply specific skills to nurture and grow your business, you risk an income reduction because you have to eat into a chunk of treatment time in order to be able to do that. So you really are in a catch-22 situation!


However, and with all that said…


If you currently find yourself stuck on the private practice hamster wheel and are desperate to jump off…


work hamster wheel


we understand this isn’t your fault, and if it’s OK with you, we’d like to gently take you by the hand and show you…


How to Effectively Market Yourself as a Therapist Using Proven Strategies That Help Grow Your Private Practice & Free You From the Hamster Wheel

At Magnificent Momentum, we specialise in helping private practice therapists just like you, create profitable and efficient businesses, by working on the right parts of your marketing and the right areas of your business operations.


Because when you get your marketing working smoothly and effectively, and you have the operational areas of your business under control, running your practice becomes so much easier. You'll have ample time to treat your clients, and have plenty of bandwidth to do the things needed to grow your business and make it thrive!


Now, of the 3 most common business challenges we said we find therapists facing. i.e.

  • Struggling to attract new clients
  • Fear of increasing your rates
  • Believing you’re just not good at business

we always start by working on your new client generation, as this is what most quickly powers up your business potential. And the best way to increase your number of clients is to make sure you’re marketing yourself as a specialist and not a generalist.


You want to go “narrow and deep” as opposed to “wide and shallow”. 


Now, normally the minute therapists hear the word “specialisation”, panic sets in as they immediately think this will lead to less business being generated and not more. But this is simply not the case.


Your marketing needs to be adapted so it promotes you as an expert in your niche and not a Jack or Jill-of-all-trades. At the point you start doing this, you become more appealing to potential clients, because what they want is an expert who understands their needs.


So this is the marketing switch you need to make to drive greater client acquisition!


And once you’re successfully increasing your client base, you will then automatically feel less fearful about increasing your rates.




Because having many more clients constantly working with you will deliver you the proof of your value!


Just think about it for a minute…


If you weren’t an expert at what you do, more and more people wouldn’t be continuing to pay for your services would they?


Word would quickly spread and you’d fall from favour quicker than a felled tree in the woods!

  Grow Practice Mini Course Optin 

So as your client base grows, you also bolster your self-belief. And with an increase in self-belief comes a greater realisation of your true professional value.


And a greater realisation of your value naturally leads you to review your fees to ensure you’re charging the rates you now know you’re really worth.


Of course, we’re not suggesting that once you’ve grown your client base you just go ahead and triple your prices without any thought. We’re simply suggesting that once you analyse the service value you’re delivering and compare it to the price you’re charging, it often becomes very apparent very quickly there’s a mismatch.


In our experience, we regularly see therapists slapping their foreheads with the realisation they’re flat out undercharging for their quality!


So when you combine the successful increasing of your client base with the leveling up of your rates, that’s when you begin to experience a business growth curve.


Business growth chart


And this new growth will provide you with yet more valuable feedback and proof that you are indeed a good business person, despite you initially thinking the contrary.


Yes, there will still be other business areas for you to develop and improve, and we can help mentor you with those too – we’re not saying these other challenges will automagically fix themselves just because you’re growing.


We’re pointing out that by first focusing on getting more clients, you will naturally create a halo effect that runs over and impacts the other 2 core challenges that you and most other therapists typically face.


So the approach we take with our clients has both a tactical and psychological component, which we’ve found helps deliver even greater results!


How to Get More Clients for Your Private Therapy Practice

As a therapist, your marketing needs to be effective across multiple areas to make sure you properly engage your audience and transition them from being prospects into paying customers.


To be precise, there are 3 specific areas, and we help your business prioritise and address all of them according to your specific situation.


Because helping therapists like you to “crush it” in marketing is what Magnificent Momentum specialise in.


So let’s quickly look at those 3 areas right now and give you a better understanding of how we can help move your business from where it is today, to where you want it to be tomorrow.


First off, your marketing needs to ensure you…


1 – Get Found Online by More Potential Therapy Clients by Increasing Your Website Visibility

Online content discovery


What is critical here is to start getting your website found online by more prospective clients each month – this is done through the process of Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.


With a well optimised site, more prospects will discover you on Google as they search for information on the therapy services you provide, or for information on various symptoms they’re currently experiencing.


The more relevant search terms or keywords your site can be found for by your target audience, the more visitors or website traffic you will generate.


The more traffic you generate, the better your chances will be of first converting those visitors into leads, and then converting those leads into brand new, paying clients.


And with higher volumes of paying clients comes a much more stable and profitable business.

Stable business

You see, if prospects are battling to find you online, it means your brand is virtually invisible. And the less visible you are, the harder it will ultimately be for you to keep your business afloat.


It’s, therefore, crucial your website starts getting found online ASAP and begins generating more traffic from prospects looking for the information your business provides.


With that said, if your website doesn’t contain that information, it makes searcher discovery that much harder – even if you do have a well optimised site.


Which is why it’s extremely important for you to also ensure you…


2 – Deliver the Information Your Therapy Prospects Really Want by Creating Powerful & Engaging Content


Looking for information online


When you give your prospects the quality information they’re looking for online, you multiply your website traffic and customer lead generation potential.




Because in order for your site to be found by search engines like Google (aka content discovery) and to rank well in their results, you site needs to promote quality content that solidly matches the keywords your audience use when they search.


Addressing this area of your business forms part of what is known as Content Marketing.


To help you grasp how all this works so you understand why your content needs creating in the right way, here’s a simple analogy of the content discovery process…


Imagine Google is an encyclopedia sitting on the bookshelves of every one of your prospects’ homes. Like all encyclopedias, its function is to store specific information covering multiple topics, so that whoever reads it can get the knowledge they need.


Google encyclopedia


There is, however, 1 key difference with this particular encyclopedia – it’s intelligent, and it constantly auto-updates. Meaning, every time you and a competitor create a new page on your websites, the Google encyclopedia knows and automatically adds that same information to its pages.


How it knows is a story for another time. For now, let’s just take it as, “huh hmm,” – read, that it knows.


Ok – let’s continue…


Now, imagine one of your prospects goes to their bookshelf and picks up the encyclopedia (i.e. they logon to Google) and in the back of it they write their own index of words and phrases they want to know more about (i.e. they enter a series of search keywords into Google).


The minute they write in the index (i.e. search), the encyclopedia’s in-built intelligence means it immediately knows which of its pages are the best fit or reference for those words entered (i.e. the best results to show)


So what the encyclopedia then does is take the best fit pages and puts them right at the front of the book, so it’s really easy for the prospect to find what they want. The first and best set of results are on page 1, the next best on page 2, and so on.


Naturally, then, if your web page is not a good fit for the keywords used by your prospects, it won’t appear at the front of the encyclopedia. It will appear in one of the pages further back that takes a lot more effort to find.


Google SERPs low ranking


Conversely, if your competitor’s web page is a good fit for the keywords, theirs will get shown at the front of the encyclopedia and will be found first by your prospect.


Google SERPs


Make sense?


So by way of an actual example…


If you’re a counsellor and your website only really talks about the different types of counselling you do, but doesn’t talk much about;

  1. Why people typically to come to a counsellor
  2. How counselling is different from therapy
  3. How to know if counselling is right for you
  4. Etc.,

When your prospect enters a keyword such as “who is counselling for”, and your content doesn’t really cover that, or doesn’t cover it well, your page will not show up in a good position within the search results.


On the flip side, any of your competitors’ pages that do answer that question well, will show up earlier in the results.


Their content will be highly visible, whereas yours will not!


And this is probably the number 1 mistake we find most of our therapy clients making with their content – they fail to adequately speak to those questions their prospects actually want answered.


Which is why Bill Gates’ adage of “content is king” is no longer entirely true!


Because now the Internet has evolved and search engines have become much better at understanding what searchers are really looking for, creating content for content’s sake is no longer good enough – it’s an outdated, entry-level, marketing approach that yields little result.




What is 100% true, is “content that connects is king!”


Content that connects


In other words, when you write content that strongly connects with the keywords your prospects are searching for, and which delivers that content to the depth and quality they’re expecting to find, it’s a match made in heaven that results in a win-win-win.

  • You win because your site is the one the prospects found and engaged with
  • Your prospect wins because they find what they’re looking for
  • Google wins because the prospect is happy at the result and will likely come back to use them again

So it’s essential you not only understand which keywords your prospects are using to search for information and to create a great content match for those. but that you also create content that addresses their general topic of inquiry in a full and comprehensive way, so they get as much of the related information they’ll likely want to look for next.


The art of successful content marketing, then, lies in seeing through the eyes of your prospect and truly understanding where their head is at any given moment. When you learn to see this way, it helps you to fully aligned with what it is they want to know.


Seeing through your customers eyes


All of these skills and strategies are what we help you put into your marketing when we work with you.


So now you understand the importance of making your brand visible and why well-thought out content marketing is essential, the 3rd and final critical piece in the effective therapy marketing equation is to know how to…


3 – Effectively Convert Your Lead Prospects into Brand New, Paying Therapy Clients

Lead to sales conversions


Let’s start with the following scenario…


Imagine you visit a brand-new clothes shop recommended by a friend. Excitedly, you enter the shop only to find it’s poorly signposted. You're unsure of how much things cost and whether there’s a returns policy. You can’t see any offers, and no matter how hard you look, you can’t see any members of staff to ask for help either.




Not a great first impression is it?


Because here’s the thing…


That “friend” who gave you the recommendation – well, their name is Google. O, and that shop they recommended, that’s a website.


Could you imagine what would happen to your visitors if they had that type of experience with your website?


They’d probably throw their hands up, scratch their heads in disbelief, and hot foot it out of there like a bat out of hell.


Visitor bounce rate


And yet all the time we find so many therapists making this crucial mistake with their websites!


They are literally putting massive boulders in the paths of their prospects that make it so hard to buy, that the prospects invariably give up and leave.


If this is happening with your website, it needs to STOP!


What you need to do is clear the paths and make it as effortless as possible for your prospects to engage and transition into eager paying clients.


Clear path to website conversions

At Magnificent Momentum, we work closely with you to improve your website so it does exactly that – makes it significantly more effective at converting prospects into customers so you get a bigger bang for your marketing buck!


You see, the reason why the horse doesn’t drink when you lead it to water, is because it’s so weary from walking around that it can’t even contemplate exerting more effort to bend down and take a gulp.




If you were to take a bucket, fill it with water, and bring it right up to the horse’s mouth and position it at the perfect angle for it to take a drink – do you think it would?


Yes! Of course it would!


And converting your visitor prospects into paying clients is just like the horse and the water.


Prospects won’t buy from you if they have to keep exerting effort to get what they want – you need to “lift the bucket”.


Lead a horse to water

You need to give them the information they want in a way that’s clear, helpful, and easy to access. And then you need to keep telling and showing them what to do next, so that buying from you ultimately becomes a totally logical and no-brainer thing to do.


So with that said, let’s look at the next steps you need to take to start transforming your business from doom to boom!


Let’s look at…


How to Grow & Generate More Money for Your Private Therapy Practice

The first part of creating the success you want in your therapy business comes from generating more clients, and the way we do that is via our Private Practice Business Generator starter package, which will help you to…

  1. Get more traffic
  2. Create more leads
  3. Convert more of those leads into paying clients

The package is broken down into 3 solutions which you can see below. Once you’ve read about them, your way forward is simple;

  1. Contact us for your FREE, 20-minute consultations
  2. Choose which elements of the Private Practice Business Generator package makes the most sense for your business
  3. Get started and so we can help you grow your private practice

  Here are the solutions…


Website Traffic Generator

Get more website visitors. We’ll identify which keywords to use on your homepage and 1 other main page, put them in the right places, and develop your menu and internal links.

Plus, we’ll deliver a top-level, SEO audit to uncover any potential technical issues secretly sabotaging your performance without you even knowing, and a Google My Business page review.

Magnetic Lead Generator

Increase your flow of leads. We’ll analyse your marketplace, review your website content, and using those insights will create a step-by-step, content creation plan you can follow .

Plus, you’ll receive a comprehensive, keyword research document, outlining the exact terms & questions your target audience use when searching for services like yours, so you can add them to and supercharge your content.

Prospect Conversion Multiplier

Convert more leads into paying clients. We’ll deliver a full restructure of your homepage using a powerful, 7-step method for driving sales.

We’ll leverage powerful tactics to create more engagement across your whole site & social channels, plus review your prospect conversation and free consultation approach so they work more effectively.

Read what some of our clients are saying...

The main marketing challenge faced by so many therapists today, is knowing what they need to do to successfully grow their private practices.

Due to the tsunamis of information available on various strategies, latest tactics, and how to execute them all effectively, it’s no wonder you or your marketing managers are left overwhelmed and confused by the choice.

This state of overwhelm either results in “paralysis by analysis”, where you end up doing nothing at all, or sees you splitting your time and efforts across myriad approaches which result in no real progress.

So if either of these scenarios is your marketing situation, you need to change it immediately!

At Magnificent Momentum, we know you’re the kind of therapist who is seeking to create a thriving private practice business that has overcome its revenue struggles, and so we’re here to help.

Depending on what stage your business is at, we can either work with you on all 3 elements of the Private Practice Business Generator starter package, or specific aspects. So contact us today for an initial FREE 20-minute consultation and we can discuss your needs and the best way forward..

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