Why it’s time to boost your productivity efficiency

Let’s face it, when you do not have a proven productivity formula to rely on when you’re working, life can become very challenging very quickly. Just think about these questions for a moment…

Have you ever felt frustrated, stressed, and panicked when you’ve looked at your mountainous to-do list versus the time you have left to do them?

Has there been a time when you’ve had the same repetitive task to complete that you know is going to take so long that you despair and just want to kick over the desk and walk out?

Do you ever recall an incident where you left the office psychologically broken because of your workload and felt that sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach which screamed “Noooo! I’m going to be up all night again doing this, and probably first thing in the morning too!”?

Sounds all too familiar right?

Person with too much work to doWell, for many people, these scenarios and more, form part of a pattern of life they’ve come to regard and accept as being normal. They view a constant lack of time that leads to knots of stress, and horrible, regular feelings of overwhelm, part and parcel of how things are these days.

But just stop for a minute…

…and ask yourself how much sense living your life like this is making. Is refusing to implement a solid set of productivity measures not sheer craziness?

Yes, it’s true – these levels of stress aren’t experienced by everyone in their lives, but they certainly are experienced by many!

And if you’re one of the many who is simply pig sick of living like this and wants things to change for the better, then consider this…

What if your life could change and change quicker than you think? What if it really didn’t have to keep being this way?

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It seems the reason our lives often transform like this is because over time our productivity becomes compromised due to failing to adjust our working approach in line with our changing workload – be that in the office or in our own homes. Most people simply do not know they need to apply what is known as working agility.

And if you didn’t know you needed to be agile and that you should have been making little course-corrections as you went along (just like a plane on a long haul flight, for that’s what our lives are akin to), you would have been blissfully unaware of the stealthy erosion occurring to your effectiveness in the background.

Before you know it, so much has piled up on your plate you can’t see the wood for the trees, and you fail to grasp that continuing in this way is not going to provide you an escape route out of the madness – no matter how much you yearn for it, there’ll be no return to the “fresh air” world of leaving on time, having proper lunch breaks, and feeling in control!

Relaxing sigh, “aaaaaah!” Breathe and re-laaaaaax. How good that feels!

people using productivity tools to get things done
Because the key to getting more things done in the modern world, doing them more effectively, and getting them done in significantly less time, is all about generating next-level productivity.

The kind of productivity that is developed in line with the challenges we face in life and work today and not 20 years ago!

Collaborative tools, automation, systemisation, software synchronisation, memorisation protocols – this is the world that productivity is now predicated on.

If you’re still using a prioritised, to-do list as your one and only way of trying to be more productive each day, when living in a world of;

  • Non-stop information continually pouring into your consciousness from the web
  • Mesmerizing rows of data and formulas in Excel
  • Never-ending pings and dings from desktop alerts
  • Constantly clicking “new email” reminders from Outlook or Gmail
  • Regular requests popping on-screen asking you to comment or collaborate on Googledocs
  • Subtle icon flashes denoting new messages on Slack or Skype
  • Calendar invites to more meetings
  • Yet more school requirements to setup and manage for the children
  • Etc.

…life is going to get very busy real quick!

To transform your coping mechanisms, then, you’re going to need to move them out from the stone age and into the information age, so you can propel yourself towards productivity ninja-hood.

If you resonate with the idea of evolving into a you 2.0 who is;

  • Cool and in control
  • Someone others look up to and admire because you’ve really “got it together”
  • Valued highly and getting paid top dollar because of your proven track record of being an achiever and an organisational maestro

You’re going to need…

World-class productivity tools, tips, & training from world-class experts

Magnificent Momentum are extremely proud to offer you access to a number of world-class productivity training solutions from some of the world’s best practitioners. You’ll discover a set of bleeding edge tactics to help you become a productivity ninja in super quick time!

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  • Jonathan Levi

Jonathan Levi


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  • Dr. Ron Friedman

Dr Ron Friedman Psychologist

  • A behavior change expert specializing in human motivation, psychologist, best-selling author, international speaker, entrepreneur, and frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, CNN, Fast Company, and Psychology Today


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