3 Key Ingredients to Keeping Your Marketing Simple & Effective

3 Key Ingredients to Keeping Your Marketing Simple & Effective

Have you ever read a web page 2 or 3 times only to come away thinking “Huh? What the heck did that mean?” If you have, then I suggest you go & K.I.S.S your own articles to make sure you’re not committing the same cardinal sin!

I beg your pardon – whaaat?!!!

Wait! Wait!

Let me explain – here’s what I mean by that…

You see, there are certain copywriters who feel that in order for you or your business to come across sounding intelligent and like a subject matter expert, you should communicate in waffly or flowery language.

Now, for SOME industries, this style is a good fit and well-aligned.


For MOST other businesses it’s just totally ineffective pap!

Because, among other things, what you are striving for via your marketing is for people to “get it”.

You want your words and images to create;

A) CLARITY – Talk about and show your products, services, and solutions in ways that are easy to grasp and which effectively convey the key points of your offering

B) POWERFUL EMOTIONAL CONNECTIONS – Build rapport and resonance with your audience through displaying understanding and empathy with their current situation

C) AN OBSTACLE-FREE PATH TO PROGRESSION – Deliver the right information for the stage of the buying journey they’re at now, in order they have all they need to progress to the next stage of the journey. Ultimately that path will see them either becoming a qualified lead or becoming a buyer

So in regards to your articles and content, you want to K.I.S.S them – Keep It Simple Stupid.

Write in a way so everyone will effortlessly understand what you mean and know what you want them to do next.

Because as per Occam’s razor, all things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best.


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