Who is the Website Traffic Generator plan for?

This plan is for you if your private practice therapy website;

  • Has been live on the web for at least 6 months
  • Can be found on Google for its brand name and at least a handful of other phrases, and
  • Is generating small amounts of organic traffic each month (based on your site analytics data)

What you need to do now is start growing your monthly website traffic so it delivers more visits from your relevant audiences – this will help better establish your brand and begin supporting your sales pipeline.

How will the marketing plan help deliver more traffic for my therapy website?

The ranking algorithms search engines use to rank your web pages are based on a variety of different “signals” (technical and non-technical factors in play on your site). And in Google’s case, there are over 200 of these signals that determine how well you rank.

Luckily, you can leave us to worry about what all those factors are – knowing this is part and parcel of what we do!

The Website Traffic Generator solution, then, works on improving the quality of a specific portion of these signals as they relate to your site.

To help you understand the ranking process a little better, below are some of the core ranking factors used in search engine algorithms.

They include;

  • Domain age – how long your site has been live on the web
  • Domain & page authority – how many links you have pointing back to your site from other good quality websites. You may also hear these referred to as “backlinks”
    • Page authority can also be increased by optimising (adjusting the wording) your main menu links and introducing new links on certain pages of your site that link to other page (aka “internal linking”)
    • We will do this for you as part of the package
  • Quality of page content – how well written and how comprehensive your website copy is
  • Relevance of page content;
    • Content of your page titles, page descriptions and image tags (aka “meta data”)
    • Keywords used in your headlines and sub-headlines
    • Semantically-related keywords present in your web copy, i.e. other phrases you’d typically expect to see when reading about a certain topic
      • E.g. a page on cars would normally include words like “tyres”, “mileage”, “engine”, etc.
      • So a therapy page, would typically contain words like “treatment”, “sessions”, “symptoms”, “recovery”, etc.
  • Citations of your business details on other directory sites
    • These details, which are your business name, address, telephone number, and description, serve as points of additional proof to help validate your business’ legitimacy in the eyes of the search engines
    • Such directory sites include Google’s very own Google My Business, where you can list the details of your business at a local geographic level
    • As part of the plan, we also review and optimise your Google My Business listing, or create one if none currently exists
  • Page load speed over mobile devices
    • Because there are now more web searches conducted on mobiles compared to laptops, how quickly your pages load on a mobile device plays a big factor in how well your pages rank

Aside from page load speed, there are a number of other technical factors included in the ranking algorithms, which is why we carry out a top-level, SEO audit.

Form the audit we can see if your site’s technical structure is holding you back in any major way, and if so, identify what remedial fixes you need to apply.

Overall, then, the higher the number and quality of these 200+ factors or “signals” your web pages generate in regards to a particular search phrase (when compared to those generated from all other potential web pages on the Internet trying to rank for the same phrase), the better chance of ranking they have. And the better they rank, the better they will be at generating traffic for you.

Specifically, the factors the Website Traffic Generator solution focuses on increasing the performance of, are;

  • Your web page authority (by working on your menu and internal linking)
  • The strength of your Google My Business citation
  • The page relevance of your homepage and 1 other category page of choice

The combination of all of these will help your site perform better and deliver more traffic.

How much does the Website Traffic Generator cost?

The solution costs a flat £497

How do I get started so I can begin generating more website traffic?

  1. Check that your site matches the criteria outlined in the “Who is this marketing plan for?” section of the page
  2. Contact us on +44 787 547 8232, or fill out the contact form to discuss your specific business objectives

For information on the other digital marketing support packages we offer, please check out our digital marketing solutions page.