Benefits of the ONE-WAY Focused Questions Approach in Business

Benefits of the ONE-WAY Focused Questions Approach in Business

You already know your mind has a tendency to do what it wants unless you give it clear guidance, instructions, and boundaries within which to operate right?

Which is exactly why when asking for creative solutions or ideas on your projects, problems, or pontifications, use the word “one” and the focus of one instead of diffuse foci.

Here’s what I mean…

As opposed to asking “Can anyone in the room give me some ideas on how we can address our overspending?”

A much more effective question would be “Marcus, please give me one idea on how to cut our overspending”

The difference?

It’s the level of focus!

“Anyone” becomes one person – Marcus.

“Some” ideas becomes “one” idea – thus helping constrain and focus the mind of the respondents into a laser beam of concentration as opposed to a diffused, wide-angle projection.

Anything groundbreaking here?


Were you already aware of this approach?

Most likely!

Do you remember to use it as all the time in order to get the best and quickest feedback you can?

I somehow doubt it, because as humans we often forget to do the simplest of things.

And there’s absolutely no issue with that – it’s part of the human condition.

So this post is just a reminder of one of those simple things we often neglect to leverage that can create a big difference in our results.

Remember to put this tweak into action from today folks and please share your results in the comments.


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