Who is the Prospect Conversion Multiplier plan for?

This plan is for you if;

  • Your private practice website has been live on the web for at least 6 months
  • Your website is generating a steady flow of monthly leads
  • Your therapy business is having difficulty creating more sales and, is therefore, limiting your practice growth rate and profitability

As a professional therapist in private practice, you’ll already know there are 3 ways your business can increase its sales…

The first is to get your marketing working harder so you fatten up your pipeline with more prospects. By way of a simple example, if you were to double your leads you’d double your sales.

The second way is to improve your conversion ratio so you generate more sales from the same number of prospects. Again, and by way of a simple example, if your lead flow remained constant and you doubled your conversion rate, you’d double your sales once more.

The third way is to combine an increase in both aspects, i.e. improve the efficacy of your marketing so it delivers more leads and improve efficacy of your sales conversion process, so you convert a greater percentage of prospects into sales.

Because when you simultaneously improve both of these factors, you begin to generate an explosive rate of growth that, when sustained, will see you quickly leapfrogging your competitors and becoming a leading therapist brand in your space.

Most businesses tend to grow their sales via the first approach and focus on making their marketing work harder. However, with the Prospect Conversion Multiplier plan, we help you increase your therapy treatment sales by improving both your marketing efficacy and sales conversion efficacy, so your practice starts driving exponential growth and profits ASAP.

How will the marketing plan help multiply my therapy sales?

Your sales volumes and conversion ratios will begin to improve when you;

  • Configure your website so it grabs the attention of visitors from the get-go, and then tactically leads them through progressive chapters of your marketing story
  • Ensure your website clearly tells your visitors what you want them to do next
  • Remove any unnecessary barriers to conversion wherever prospects interact with you
  • Understand the expectation of your prospects based on the channel through which they engaged
    • E.g. visitors to your website will tend to have a different expectation to visitors to your social media profiles, and so how you engage them needs to reflect that
  • Deliver the right information at the right time so your prospects end up selling to themselves based on the valuable therapy information you’ve given them

To help your practice website start working in the ways set out above so you can start significantly increasing your leads and sales now, we will;

  1. Re-write and restructure your homepage according to a proven, 7-step formula, that will get more leads and deliver more sales
  2. Show you how to develop your website signposting so visitors know exactly the next steps you want them to take
  3. Help you improve the user experience of your brand across all its digital channels, so barriers to taking action are minimised or completely eradicated
  4. Help you understand the expectation of users on each of your major social media channels so you can refine your posting activity and generate better results
  5. Review the wording and sales conversion methods used within your email communications and any verbal mediums such as phone calls or Zoom

With this strategy applied to your business, you’ll quickly start seeing a positive upturn in your sales performance figures.

How much does the Prospect Conversion Multiplier plan cost?

The Prospect Conversion Multiplier plan starts from £997 and is dependent on the scope of the work and research that will need to be done.

(N:B: Cost does not include a) copy creation for any page other than the homepage or b) implementation of any website redesign elements)

How do I get started multiplying my sales conversion rate?

  1. Check that your site matches the criteria outlined in the “Who is this marketing plan for?” section of the page
  2. Contact us on +44 787 547 8232, or fill out the contact form to discuss your specific business objectives

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