If your audience are looking for your services and do not see your brand on the first 2 pages of a search engine, you are literally slapping wads of cash into the hands of your competitors each month!

Because in a time where over 3.5 billion global searches happen every minute of every day on Google alone (source: https://blog.microfocus.com/how-much-data-is-created-on-the-internet-each-day/), any digital businesses not leveraging website optimisation are inadvertently sabotaging their potential.

By implementing tactics such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Content Marketing, and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO – the art of guiding visitors to undertake more of the actions you want them undertake), you will ensure your website becomes fully aligned to your audience’s needs.

These tactics form the engine that drive your brand’s online discoverability – they ensure your website gets found for business-relevant search terms, whilst delivering customer-centric experiences that increase conversion and boost leads and sales from the extra visitors you pull in.

It’s these critical activities that create the foundation for your online marketing success and once put into motion, continue working for you 24/7, 365!

Yes – if you have the budget, you may already be running some paid media such as Google Ads (PPC), and finding it’s working well. Without doubt, this type of marketing can definitely make sense and always works optimally when part of a multi-channel, holistic strategy. However, it is important to be fully aware of…

The critical difference between paid and natural traffic generation

When you begin implementing SEO and Content Marketing, each subsequent months’ efforts compound and build upon the previous months’ work, delivering you a greater increase in your results – a kind of  1 + 1 = 3 scenario if you like.

Further, if the financial need arises in the future, you can periodically stop doing SEO and content marketing and still continue benefiting from their effects some months later (although you will need to recommence asap as momentum depletes over time).

When your business’ only source of traffic and leads comes from paid marketing, however, the second you turn off your budget, you immediately shut off your growth pipeline!

Admittedly, there will be some residual value generated in that a handful of people who’ve seen your ads will remember your brand and start visiting your site directly – but that residual traffic will always be a tiny fraction of what you were generating when the budget was live.

For small brands, you can expect as little as c. 0.1 – 1% of your traffic to be retained once you stop paying for ads; and even getting to that level of retention will require you to have invested a sizable amount of money beforehand.

And should you find yourself in a position where you are neither optimising your website nor paying for traffic, you may already be finding the growth of your business becoming somewhat of a challenge.

So to begin moving the dial on your business performance, implementing a “ground up” vs “top down” approach to your marketing strategy is by far the most commercially viable and sustainable way to move forward…

The Online Discoverability Booster Helps Businesses Increase Leads and Sales Through The “Ground Up” Systematic Process of Website and Content Optimisation

Each business has specific needs and objectives to be met that reflect where it is at any given moment in its lifecycle. For this reason, our Online Discoverability Booster delivers bespoke, website optimisation recommendations tailored to your individual business situation and budget.

The solution creates a developmental roadmap for you to follow that will take your business from where it is currently and lead it in the direction of where you want it to go.

It’s a “ground up” approach because it starts with you first optimising your website and content so they’re aligned to what your audience are looking for, and ensures your site’s in a “customer-ready” state for when they arrive. These actions provide the foundation of your online marketing and will continue working for you 24/7, 365 once they’re implemented.

With the foundations cemented in place, now it makes sense to start incorporating additional layers on top such as PPC, social, email, and off-line. These extra top layers will provide further support and synergy to complement the work your website is already doing.

Adopting a “top down” marketing approach, then, means your website optimisation is the last thing that gets looked at (if ever it does at all) – marketing starts with PPC, social, etc., with your website being neglected until much later on.

The inherent challenge with this strategy is that you begin driving visitors to an incomplete site where the initial brand experience will be sub-optimal.

And remember…

“you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”

Typically, incomplete, non-optimised websites exhibit the following attributes, and they are to be avoided if you want to create success;

  • A poor menu structure providing unclear navigation
  • Site architecture that doesn’t have the right content in the right places
  • Technical and performance issues that frustrate both users and search engines
  • A lack of content for visitors to consume in order they can fully understand the value of your services
  • Content only promoting what you are selling and which fails to address questions your audience want answered or the problems they want solved

Not very good!

So if you’re a business decision maker now ready to seek help and support from professional marketeers, here’s what working with the Online Discoverability Booster will look like for you;

  1. We have an initial discussion to help gain a better understanding of your business, its challenges, the competition, and its current key objectives
  2. If we both feel there is potential to work together, we will then ask you for some additional and deeper information. Whilst that is being pulled together, we undertake a high-level analysis of your business key areas, including;
    • Technical website appraisal
    • Content quality review
    • Content volume and variation
    • Search engine visibility check for your main target phrases
    • A review of your website analytics
  3. From the initial analysis we’re able to discover some of the areas requiring immediate attention and provide recommended remedial actions
    • Even if you decide you no longer wish to proceed with our service at that point, you can still keep all the insights discovered and action them as you see fit
  4. Assuming you do appreciate the analytical insights gained and wish to continue, we will next create a full development plan for optimising your website (prioritising the most important actions first) that typically covers an initial 12-week schedule although timings will vary per project. The components of that development plan will be fully aligned with your objectives and reflect your budget
  5. Once you are comfortable the proposed plan of action will meet your business needs, we get your signoff and start to deliver the project, ensuring you have full transparency on progress each and every week.

And that’s how we roll!

So to start leveraging the power of the Online Discoverability Booster for your business today, please contact us on +44 787 547 8232 or online to find out more.

And if you’re keen to know what it takes to accelerate your company performance overall, check out our section on how to grow your business.