The digital marketing landscape has changed and progressed a lot in recent years, and for those therapists who’ve adapted with it – life has been good.

Conversely, for those still clinging to marketing tactics from a time since past – life has been tough and painful.

And unsurprisingly, this failure to evolve marketing strategy is also the cause of many arguments within businesses…

“We know what we’re doing and who our customers are, so why do we need to change anything?” is probably a line you’ve heard at some point.

Heck – it might even have been you who said it!

The point is, many private practices are struggling to keep up with their competing therapists because they have not recognised a shift in buying power has taken place. A shift to where the client buyer now, more often than not, holds most of the cards.


Because more and more visitors coming to your site today are much better informed about your therapy  products and services before they even arrive.

What this means is that your prospects can choose to engage with you, or if they don’t like what you’re doing, choose to leave you and buy from other therapists.

And that’s exactly why marketing has been forced to evolve…

So that progressive private practice owners can still thrive in an ever competitive marketplace.

Digital marketing solutions & services for the progressive private practice owner

As a therapy business owner, Magnificent Momentum are pleased to offer you the following marketing solutions.

Please read through the options below and choose the most appropriate solution for your current business situation…

Packaged Marketing Solutions

  • Website Traffic Generator

  • Magnetic Lead Generator

  • Prospect Conversion Multiplier

    • For therapy businesses stuck converting leads into sales at the same or reducing rates, meaning you have to get more and more leads in order to make more money and profit
    • Discover how to convert more leads into sales


Bespoke Marketing Solutions

  • For when more tailored support is required than the packaged options provide
  • Please contact us on +44 787 547 8232 to discuss your specific situation and the goals you are trying to achieve for your therapy business


Developmental & Support Solutions

  • Monthly Private Practice Business Mentoring

    • Working with a business mentor will provide you with the insights and guidance you need to keep your private practice thriving and continually moving in the right direction
    • Investment is only £397 per month
    • Please contact us on +44 787 547 8232 to discuss your specific situation and the goals you are trying to achieve for your business
  • Financial Stability Booster 
  • Increase Personal & Team Productivity

    • We have partnered with some of the top leaders in the productivity field, to bring you a selection of world-class productivity products that will skyrocket your efficiency, output, and results

Magnificent Momentum deliver therapy marketing services that make a difference!