Who is the Financial Stability Booster plan for?

  • This plan is for you if your therapy practice has less than 3 separate sources of regular income, or
  • If you generate more than 90% of your income from a single source of revenue

One of the biggest challenges for many therapists is the fact your treatments constitute the bulk, if not all, of your revenue. And this means any prolonged interruption to your treatment delivery is going to pose a big problem for your business’ financial health.

Too long an interruption and you could see yourself go out of business altogether!

Because if the Covid-19 lockdown has taught business owners anything, it’s that you need to be in a position to quickly adapt to unforeseen challenges to ensure your business survives, and where possible, keeps thriving.

Granted, the lockdown has been an unprecedented situation….

Nonetheless, such events can and obviously do happen, and so it’s critical to learn from and use these situations as change catalysts. Adversity provides the perfect springboard from which to develop new ways of working that will see you solidify and strengthen your business’ foundations, so it can better withstand any future difficulties.

And the best way to develop a firmer, financial foundation for your therapy business is to…

Increase the range of income streams that feed into your private practice

Diversifying your company’s revenue streams is a sound business tactic that creates much better financial stability and can be achieved in surprisingly simple ways

By using a combination of approaches that help you to;

  • Develop passive streams of income that you set once and then forget
  • Increase the perception of your brand so you become viewed as a therapy industry-leader
  • Legitimately leverage the actions of others so you get paid time and again for their hard work

and more, you can quickly start creating additional income streams that help ease the pressure of constantly delivering treatments to ensure your business survives, or increasing the number of treatments in order to make it grow.

In other words, should you feel the urge to temporarily reduce the number of treatments you’re giving, you can do so safe in the knowledge your business will remain stable.

Imagine how empowered you’re going to feel knowing that whenever you need to take time out, you can instantly do so with no consequences!

And it’s that type of commercial freedom that our Financial Stability Builder plan has helped therapists achieve.

When you engage this marketing plan, you’ll receive;

  1. 6 x 60-minute consultations over the space of 3 months (2 per month) where we brainstorm up to 5 additional, revenue-generating strategies per month, that you could leverage to create more money
  2. A tactical and in-depth framework for launching the new opportunities you decide to pursue
  3. A follow-up, 45-minute support session in month 4, to check on your progress and ensure you remain on track to launch your new revenue lines  


How much does the Financial Stability Booster cost?

The Financial Stability Booster plan costs £397 per month for a block of 3 months.

How do I get started so I can begin generating new streams of revenue for my business?

  1. Check that your site matches the criteria outlined in the “Who is this marketing plan for?” section of the page
  2. Contact us on +44 787 547 8232, or fill out the contact form to discuss your specific business objectives

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