3 Powerful Tools for You to Get More Organised

3 Powerful Tools for You to Get More Organised

I think it’s fair to say many people in business would like to be more organised at times. If you feel you do, then I can’t recommend these 3 tools highly enough…

1 – Evernote: 

A free or paid service that let’s you create any amount of notes, upload documents, record voice snippets, grab content from the web, plus lots more. And the best feature is that you can tag every single piece of content so you can group stuff together by topic for the most effortless retrieval. I use this service about 20 times every single day – it’s priceless!

2 – Calendly:

A free of paid tool that allows you to send a calendar invite link that connects to your calendar. No more “does the 13th or 15th at 9am work best for you?” Simply send the link to your contact, they click it, and it will show them your availability. Absolute top draw tool!

3 – Google Drive:

If you have any kind of Google account, you’ll have Google Drive – your own storage account in the cloud. It’s simple to use, and you can create folders in an instant to drop stuff into. Use it for quick collaboration with colleagues and as a backup for the files you keep storing on your desktop. You know, those files that if you ever lose them, your world is not going to be very comfortable. Yes, those files! Don’t tempt fate, just back those suckers up to the cloud in 1 or 2 clicks.

Hope this post has been useful!

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