What do we as a business need to do and embody that will help propel us to where we want to go? What does it take to generate real success and make it endure? What do I need to transform within myself so I can start to show up as the person I really want to be?

These are the big questions we begin to ask ourselves when we know it’s time to take a leap forward in our business and personal lives.

And it’s discovering the answers to these questions that allows you to get clear and start identifying the differences that make the difference!

Peter A. Anglin - Founder Magnificent Momentum Limited

I’m Peter A. Anglin – the founder of Magnificent Momentum, and I decided to start this business because I wanted to provide solutions and answers to those asking the types of transformative questions mentioned earlier.

Coming from a marketing agency background (an experience that spanned both traditional media and Digital across 2 decades), I had the privilege of helping many companies, from small local businesses right through to multi-national corporate giants, get clear on what they needed to do across specific areas of their operation to drive growth and performance.

On the flip side within my private life, I was voraciously consuming all things self-developmental, learning more skills, and growing nicely as a human being. However, I found there was never enough time to be able to help others personally to the same extent I was helping companies develop.

And so after a few unexpected turns of events that subsequently led to a number of synchronistic opportunities, I took action as needed, and then made the call to branch out and create Magnificent Momentum – the perfect conduit that would allow me to work at effecting change within the lives of companies and individuals alike.

Our solutions are bespoke, cost-effective, and proven in terms of the results they deliver.

So whether you are seeking to;


We’re here to be your developmental partner whenever you feel it’s the right time to start leaping forward and you’re in search of how best to make that leap in the most effective and lasting ways.

Magnificent Momentum are;

  • Registered Business Mentors with The Core Asset


If you’d like to talk to discuss your next potential steps, contact us today, and together we can start building the right momentum to succeed!