Who is the Magnetic Lead Generator for?

This plan is for you if your private practice company website;

  • Has been live on the web for at least 6 months
  • Is either generating zero or very few client leads per month
  • Needs to start generating more leads quickly and consistently to help deliver more sales

As you know, the rate of growth of your business is driven by the number of sales you complete each month/quarter/year, and those sales are, in turn, driven by your lead flow.

If the majority or all of your business comes from your site and it’s failing to deliver you a reliable source of high quality leads, your practice will begin to struggle if this continues for a prolonged period. For obvious reasons, this is something you need to address ASAP to avoid disaster.

How will the marketing plan help my therapy website deliver more leads?

Your website’s lead-generating ability is directly proportional to the quality, depth, and relevance of your content, as it relates to the information sought by your target audience.

Contrary to the “If you build it they will come” philosophy of Kevin Costner in the film Field of Dreams, visitors only come and turn into prospects once they feel your site has done enough to;

  1. Meet their immediate emotional needs 
  2. Satisfy their immediate and future informational needs
  3. Gain their trust

Because the modern day buyer now tends to be more in control of the sale than does the vendor, therapists need to ensure their content is working hard enough to deliver what their audience need and want.

If your web content doesn’t deliver a story that meets the intent of the searcher (i.e doesn’t give them the depth of information regarding your therapies they’re looking for), they will simply leave your site and become a prospect within the sales pipeline of one of your therapy competitors whose content does match that intent.

With the Magnetic Lead Generator solution, then, we’ll help you transform your content so your site becomes “sticky” and naturally leads more visitors towards making an enquiry.

The output of the plan will be a comprehensive content development roadmap that shows you exactly;

  • What content to create and why
    • This will be based on the content;
      • You currently have
      • That’s missing from your site but which is essential for lead conversion into sales
      • Being promoted by your therapy competitors who are outperforming you on the search engines
      • Your audience are proven to be searching for
  • The titles and structure of each recommended piece of content
  • The order of prioritisation for creating the content
  • How to create more traction from your entire content portfolio to maximise your lead potential

As well as the roadmap, you’ll also receive all of the analysis underpinning the recommendations, i.e.

  • The competitor analysis
  • The questions and keywords searched by your audience
  • The number of people searching monthly for those keywords (aka “search volume”)

With all this information documented, you’ll have the ability to easily share and discuss it with other members of your business/team, as well as reference it any time you need in the future.

Most therapists’ marketing strategies fail not only because they’ve not been properly planned, but also because nothing is ever written down, so there is no visual record of why they are doing what they’re doing.

Don’t let your therapy marketing fail because you made the same mistakes as those other businesses!

How much does the Magnetic Lead Generator plan cost?

The Magnetic Lead Generator plan starts from £997 and is dependent on the scope of the work and research that will need to be done.

(N:B: Cost does not include copy creation)

How do I get started so my site can start generating a constant flow of leads?

  1. Check that your site matches the criteria outlined in the “Who is this marketing plan for?” section of the page
  2. Contact us on +44 787 547 8232, or fill out the contact form to discuss your specific business objectives

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