Irrespective of the nature of your business, its growth potential always comes down to the number of leads and sales generated – that’s just business 101. And to keep driving those numbers successfully each month and remain profitable, there needs to be a systematic, consistent, and proven sales and marketing method to follow – a formula if you like.

However, many businesses face a key challenge in that they lack such a formula and consequently find themselves some way off maximising their potential.

Many end up performing like a driver with terrible clutch control – lurching forward, stalling, rolling backwards, starting to move forward again, only to stall a little while later.

Perhaps you can relate?

In working with many organisations, we’ve found the majority of sales and marketing activities tend to fall into at least 1 of the following 3 categories – which one(s) match your business most closely?…

  1. We’re good at certain aspects and so tend to do these more and at the expense of others
  2. We’re not so good at a variety of areas and so shy away from doing anything regularly
  3. We’re unaware of, or haven’t really committed to thoroughly investigating other sales and marketing approaches due to a lack of time and/or resource

If you’re resonating with at least one of the above, then you’re not alone!

Discovering how to move your business out of these 3 common categories and into one where you’re truly crushing it, is where our Business Growth Mentor solution comes in…

The Business Growth Mentor – The proven formula for your sales and marketing success

Magnificent Momentum focus on delivering great value and efficacy from all its solutions, which is why the Business Growth Mentor package has been designed as a self-serve solution that maximises results whilst minimising costs.

With the Business Growth Mentor, you’ll gain full access to a comprehensive strategy portal containing step-by-step videos and articles delivering the tactics you need to propel your business to the next level.

Plus, you’ll also receive monthly support from one of our expert business mentors to ensure you;

  • Remain on track
  • Execute each tactic properly
  • Maximise your potential for great results

The portal is laid out in easy-to-follow modules that link together and deliver a proven, 5-step formula for generating eye-watering success. A formula created to;

  1. Transform your existing sales and marketing efforts into a series of 9, laser-focused modules that orientate your business to the direction of growth
  2. Build your capacity to generate quality leads from a wide range of relevant sources that feed your sales pipe to full each month
  3. Increase your business’ potential to convert more of its monthly visitors and leads into paying customers, thereby delivering you significantly higher revenues
  4. Maximise your average customer value by implementing a proven set of tactics that make it easy for your customers to engage more and stay with you for longer, and
  5. Introduce a series of methods to systematise and automate your lead generation, prospect conversion, and customer maximisation activities

Plus, you’ll also get the added support of a monthly check-in with one of our dedicated business mentors, who’ll work with you to answer any questions, provide expert guidance, and ensure you’re executing your activities correctly and to maximum effect.

The Business Growth Mentor package is an extremely cost-effective solution for any company ready to skyrocket their performance with the help and guidance of expert sales and marketing professionals.

The solution is available as a rolling monthly subscription of only £397 and comes with a full, 30-day free trial period.

To find out about the Business Growth Mentor solution today, please call +44 787 547 8232 or contact us online.

Alternatively, if you’re not quite ready to get in touch, you can always take advantage of our free 26 Common Marketing Mistakes That Can Cripple Your Business, And How To Avoid Them email marketing course, right now!

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